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Good Reasons to Visit Cluj Napoca

Good Reasons to Visit Cluj Napoca

If you are an urban type of person and you would like to have plenty of options during your vacation, then Cluj-Napoca should be included on your list. Why? It is the heart of Transylvania, a center for foreign investors and for students who come here from all over the world, to enjoy the high quality of the University programs. So this city will be awake and rather busy even during the late hours of the night, when students and young people look for places to have fun or are returning home after a night of partying out. You will also have no problem speaking in English over here because most people will understand and will help you out.

Getting to Cluj-Napoca is no big deal, because it has an international airport with routes to everywhere. So if you want to travel by plane, just check if the nearest airport to you have a route to Cluj-Napoca. There are very slight chances you won’t find any. It is also easily accessible through Hungary, as you will find great highways leading here. Or if you want to add a little adventure and sightseeing to your trip, travel to Cluj-Napoca by train. Though if you choose this option it might take you a while to get here, and you could also have a lot of trains to swap. Regarding accommodation, you can elect to sit in Cluj-Napoca, as there are plenty gorgeous hotels, or, if you want to save some money, you can sit in the proximity of Cluj-Napoca, in Floresti or Turda. Floresti is closer to Cluj-Napoca, so you can use public transport means to get to the center of the city. Turda is a bit further, but at night you will get a beautiful view from up above over the Cluj-Napoca’s city lights if you go on the Feleacu Hill.


It is futile to say that the town is filled with shops and malls, cafes, terraces, restaurants and night clubs where you can have some fun. You can easily find a large number of places to eat, both with traditional cuisine and international dishes. It is a place where festivals take place al round the year. So you better check the schedule for this year online to see what events are coming up next. There are also plenty of things that are worth visiting while you are here. You must go see the botanic garden in Cluj-Napoca, as it is one of the most beautiful and significant in the entire country. You will also be impressed by the architecture seen in most buildings, which appear frozen in time. The great number of old castles show that the area was of high importance even since antiquity. Check out the Banffy Palace, the Josika Palace, Szeki Palace, Wass Palace, Berde Palace and many more. The house of Matei Corvin and the churches of the city are also incredible architectural wonders.

Also, unusual and even strange stories, involving the appearance of UFOs and other inexplicable phenomenon, it’s said to have happened in the Hoia-Baciu, right outside of Cluj-Napoca. There are a great number of pictures and video footage showing strange lights hovering over the area, as well as unknown bioforms walking through the forest. Called the “Romanian Bermuda Triangle”, the phenomenon that take place here are studies by many science men, who try to find a logical explanation for what it is happening here. If you walk through the forest, you will see trees with bend trunks in very award positions, without being broken. One day, some trees were found completely tore apart from their roots, having the bark in a bright red color, although there were no storms happening in the area at that particular moment. A lot of people come out here to enjoy outdoor activities and picnics, and were not startled by anything too weird. So don’t worry, because staying in the city is completely safe. Although, you could check out the forest if you like mystery stories.

So next time you’re thinking about a place for your vacation, don’t hesitate to stop in Cluj-Napoca. You will be amazed by the modernity of this city, the high level of culture here and the hospitality of the people.


text by Raluca Velker
pictures by Daniel Gheorghita (