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The Peasant Club

The Peasant Club

Address: Strada Monetariei
Subway: Victoriei Square (Piaţa Victoriei) Station
Bus: 300

When you arrived for the first time in Bucharest you probably heard about and wanted to visit The Parliament Palace and The Village Museum. But these are the places visited by everyone. In my opinion, it is more important and exciting to discover local places that have a personal touch and, if this contains also a little tradition, I can say it is perfect. In this manner you will be able to discover, during the few days spent in a new town, some parts of its true face.

 In this section I will try to present some nice places where you can eat, drink, listen to good music or dance, to help you to discover Bucharest and, why not, Romania.

I want to start with a place dear to me that is called The Romanian Peasant Club. It is located in the same location with the Romanian Peasant Museum, one of the most active museums in Bucharest because it hosts different events all year long. These days, until the 5th of May, the museum hosts the exposition “The war against the peasantry. Collectivization period (1949-1962)”.

You can find the place I am going to talk about behind the museum and it is a relaxing venue with a green garden, offering a totally different atmosphere from the bustle of the old city center. The club is small, decorated with traditional objects, hand painted tables and chairs where they usually host concerts or other events. For example, one night, when I went out with my friends, they had a quiz night with general knowledge questions and the prize was three carafes of wine for the wining team. Another time, on the recommendation of a friend, I went to an interesting jazz concert. This is the way that the club keeps up with the museum and attracts the clients. Unfortunately, the club is rather small and when they organize concerts or other similar events it becomes overcrowded and this is not always very comfortable.

But to compensate for this, the club has a large but cozy terrace with wooden tables and seats and traditional motifs painted on the walls. Sometimes, especially in summer, it will be hard to find free seats here. That’s not a big problem because you can get something to drink from the bar and lie on the grass. The locale has a beautiful green yard. Sometimes, even in winter, it is difficult to find free seats on the terrace. However, they have some “fire umbrellas” and blankets to warm you up. It is usual to meet here some local public figures like painters, writers, singers, actors or other artists.

The menu is quite simple but it includes the basic Romanian traditional food with very good prices. The drinks menu is an international one. I would recommend a sheep pastrami with polenta or polenta with cheese and cream. If you are a vegetarian you can try fried zucchini or fried mushrooms with a salad. For desert you should not miss the cheese or apple pie or the cheese pancakes with cream and fruit jam (papanaşi).

The club does not accept credit card payments, but if you run out of cash there is a very helpful cash machine right on the spot.

If you are coming here in the week-end it is very probable that you could get right in the middle of a traditional Romanian fair. In the museum courtyard, nearby the Romanian Peasant Club, peasants across the country come to sell traditional products and goods. You will find here jams, sweets, syrups, pies, honey, cheese, alcoholic drinks, meat and meat products and also traditional clothes and accessories, cosmetics and antiques. The prices are very reasonable considering that all these products are ecological and handmade.

So, if you choose to come here when you visit Bucharest you will always find something interesting to discover and… eat.

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