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We Love Romania

We Love Romania

Do you remember your childhood and the unique feeling you had while waiting to open the new game set you had just received? Do you remember the impatience and the overwhelming emotions before laying your hands on something you have always wanted and dreamed off? This is what we feel now.

I Love Romania is more than a magazine. It is our dream coming true and we want to make it the best platform for sharing our love for our beautiful country. We are not professional journalists, but we are passionate and enthusiastic about the new challenge ahead of us.

This project is dedicated to foreign visitors interested in reading about and traveling to and in Romania. Each issue will talk about places, traditions, events and people. One article will be dedicated to our tumultuous history and a colleague will chronicle an upcoming event.

We hope this magazine will be not just a fresh resource for traveling ideas for foreign visitors, but also an open tribune for those who have lived here and have something to say about what they saw and experienced. Now and then, we will interview a tourist, an expat or a famous Romanian just to see Romania through their eyes.

Nevertheless, I Love Romania is an open bridge for presenting Romania as it is, with its good and bad, with its opportunities and drawbacks. This is why we are launching an invitation for journalists, inbound tourism business owners, local travel associations, officials or just talented Romanians to join us and support our endeavor to show everybody our million reasons to love Romania.

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